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Try SilverSky's cloud-based Email DLP and Email Encryption FREE for 30 days*!

With increased phishing attacks and data leak risks, protecting sensitive customer and corporate information in email communications is more important than ever. If you don’t have email data loss prevention (DLP) or email encryption, you are risking reputational damage, compliance penalties, and monetary loss for your business.

Email DLP

SilverSky’s cloud-based Email DLP trial will log any inbound and outbound emails based on pre-defined policies that flag personal identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers, suspicious emails from known dangerous domains, and inappropriate content in emails such as foul language. This trial will not affect your normal email workflow. You will have access to a dashboard that analyzes and reports on the DLP logged activity to show you the risks your business is exposed to.

Email Encryption

SilverSky’s cloud-based Email Encryption trial allows your email users to use our intuitive pull-based email encryption service. All you have to do is point your outbound email through our email gateway and any sensitive emails can be sent encrypted for recipients to retrieve securely through our web portal. When it comes to sensitive emails, don’t chance it—encrypt it!

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* Company must meet specific qualifications. Acceptance into the trial is at the discretion of SilverSky.